Santorini car rental: A 3-step guide to get the best deal

The time has finally come, and you will visit your dream destination, Santorini. But in order to fully explore the island, you will need the flexibility Santorini car rental provides. Truth be told, Santorini is a hot summer destination that attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

So, how will you get the best deal for your car rental? Keep reading our 6-step guide to ensure the best car rental deal.

1.    Opt-in for a prepaid reservation

While it might be tempting to book a car without commitments, without having paid before, paying in advance for your reservation comes with benefits. The most important is getting the exact type of vehicle you booked. Santorini has many remote beaches, to which you can only have access by car and specifically an SUV. 

It is self-understood that most tourists would share the same thought as you: visiting these isolated and steep beaches. Now, if you book a car through Santorini car rental, a company will save a wheel, but not necessarily the one you opt out for. 

That’s why experts highly recommend paying in advance for your reservation. After all, should you find a better deal, you can always cancel your first booking for free and go on with the cheaper one.

2.    Book Santorini car rental during weekdays or at half-hours

It might not occur to you, but making a reservation at Santorini car rental services means higher vehicle availability. Higher demand for car rentals is during weekends. Yet, just like accommodation, the same applies to car rental. Less drivers are making reservations during weekdays.

What’s more, you may consider giving half-hours a shot. It makes sense to most people that booking even hours, is just right. But try to make your booking in half-hours, and the difference could be considerable. 

In any case should you want to find out more about vehicle availability, calling Santorini car rental agents is a great idea. Ask them when they expect fewer people and plan your booking for these days and times. This way, not only will you get the car you want, but you might also get a better price.

3.    Travel when others don’t

It is common knowledge among enthused globetrotters that the best time to visit Santorini is either in Spring or in Autumn. By that time, all services on the island are cheaper, the beaches are not crowded, and you can enjoy the stunning sunset in the company of your beloved ones.

Subsequently, this means that by off-season periods there is higher vehicle availability at Santorini car rental fleet. In fact, for companies to lure more customers to book, they also provide better rates. 

To sum up, consider the above-mentioned 3 factors to get the car you prefer. These might come with the further benefit of getting a better price. Now, nothing can stop you from enjoying your dream destination!

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